With nearly 30 years experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, holding positions including General Management, Operations Director, Group Logistics Director, and International Operations Director, we are well placed to utilise our skills, knowledge, and experience to benefit your business. We call ourselves ‘resultants’ as well as consultants.

We have expertise in:

  Various FMCG channels including stationery, confectionary and foodstuffs.

  Human and Veterinary pharmaceuticals and medical supply with over 10 years operating under MHRA, VMD and Home Office guidelines, including GDP compliance and temperature control.

  Alcohol and Tobacco to AWRS standards in bonded and non-bonded solutions.

  • We offer an unbiased, out of the box approach to problem solving, challenging the status quo, and understanding your operation at grass root level.
  • We offer a cost-effective solution that is tailored to your requirements, with the flexibility to execute projects that run from just 1-2 days, up to a protracted project that may take a number of weeks or even months depending on the brief and scope.
  • An extensive network of industry specialists can be utilised to ensure that all potential solutions are explored and that you have a choice of good, better and best.

And now for the ‘professional piece’……. we engage with you and establish our objectives and project brief, then we adopt a seamless and collaborative approach and will engage with all necessary levels within your organisation. We are results focused and our work will yield sustainable results. You will see an aggressive return on investment, with bottom line realised savings as we work with key stakeholders at all levels within the organisation.

We apply simplification with a ‘savings must stick’ philosophy, ensuring a rich margin improvement is achieved.

What you will get…
Well we don’t carry significant overheads, so you will get a really competitive and affordable solution.


What you won't get…
Suits and ties! We are operators and we act, behave, and apply ourselves as operators. We attend in hi-viz vests and protective footwear and comply to your H&S guidelines whilst partnering you to the solution.

We call ourselves ‘resultants’ as well as consultants.